Sunday, May 30, 2021 - Saturday, June 5, 2021
Progress Summary:
  1. Contractor continued minimal remnant work activities at several locations on Phase 2.

  2. Contractor continued to build roadway on several locations on Modified Phase 3: continued with utilities installation across the Pinehurst Branch, finished asphalt base road pavement (NPS side) from Rittenhouse Street to Tennyson Street. Finished Asphalt base from Tennyson Street to Oregon Knoll (Both NPS and Resident Side), now working for preparation to switch traffic and work zone.

  3. Contractor continued to build roadway on Phase-3 approved modified MOT and is currently working around the Pinehurst Bridge assembling all prescribed utility work.

CM Community Outreach Activities

  • Communications team continued to address all work-related issues and coordinated with the affected

  • Team continued to reach out to neighbors within the corridor about active work and adjusted activities.

  • Organized the Neighborhood Communication Committee (NCC) comprised of ANC’s

  • Outlined targeted areas for outreach efforts and distribution of NCC notifications

  • Management of stakeholder’s email database and communication tracker

  • Email and phone correspondence with ANC’s on stakeholder request and resolution of safety concerns