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The proposed Oregon Avenue project schedule may be altered during the course of the project

May 28, 2014  Start of Design Phase

August 2014  Concept Design Report

September 2014 Survey Completed

September 2014  1st Public Meeting

November 2014  Preliminary Design (30%) Submitted

November 2014  2nd Public Meeting

February 2015  3rd Public Meeting

April 2015 Intermediate Design (65%) Submitted

May 2016  4th Public Meeting

June 2016  Final Review Submission (95%) Submitted

Fall 2016  Analyzing impacts of multiple adjacent projects

November 2016  PS&E (Plans, Specifications and Estimate) Submitted

May 2017  Final Public Meeting for Design Phase

Winter 2017  Re-sequencing construction phasing to avoid conflicts with concurrent construction projects within the corridor

May 2018  Beginning procurement process for construction of the project

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